The sets for sketching. Overviewing and сomparison.

  1. Bag and pencil-case, sketchbook ‘Large Aqua’ and 9 colours palette

An excellent choice for long journeys, frequent trips and productive sketching. You can easily put into the bag not only a sketchbook, a palette, brushes and extra paints , but a purse, or a wallet, IDs and documents and a bottle for water.

2. Pencil-case ‘Art Travelling’, 6 colours palette ‘Things with name’ and sketchbook ‘My sputnik art’ on an individual order

The pencil-case ‘Art Travelling’ has already proved itself to be one of the best options for travelling. Essentially, it is an exact organizer which can contain all the necessities and which is able to fit any bag, and the sketchbook made on an individual order has completed the common concept.

3. Sketchbook ‘Sketch story’, pocket cover for notebook, 18 well palette Mijello

It is a good idea to have for whose, who prefer hardcover sketchbooks, perfect cotton paper, 180 degrees angle. Also you can order a sketchbook with your picture on the cover. A big pocket cover for a notebook let you save place and have all you need on you.

4. Bracelet palette for 3 colours, sketchbook ‘ My Sputnik pocket sketch, 25% cotton, travel brushes

The most compact and original set, which can be held in your pocket. A limited range of colours allows to stay focused on details and to paint vivid and emotional sketches.

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