Will your acrylic watercolor board fit my photo tripod?

Yes, it will. All the boards are equipped with a multipurpose strapping and can be fitted to any photo tripod.

Pay your attention that to reduce looseness your photo tripod should be stable and with strong screws.

Is it possible to buy the whole plein air painting system?

Yes, you can purchase a watercolor board, a trip, and a shelf on our site, if any item is not available, it can be pre-ordered.

Where can I see your products?

Our workshop is situated in the science town Korolev, you can see all the goods available. Visiting the workshop is granted by appointment.

We participate in exhibitions and festivals; you can always find relevant and updated information on the site and on Instagram.

What is used as impregnation of the wooden goods?

The palettes in the pochade boxes are impregnated with waxy finish which provides their easy cleaning.

Beechen palettes and brush holders are treated with oil.

Why is my clipboard not transparent? All the clipboards are covered with protective film both sides. The clipboards are becoming transparent by removing the protective films.